Making the Decision

Is Graduate school right for me?

Graduate school is a significant investment in terms of time, energy and finances. It is important that you spend adequate time researching and considering all of your options before you make the decision to pursue graduate school. Here are some resources to help you get started.

Talk with a faculty member

Faculty members and faculty advisers can be valuable resources to help you identify graduate school opportunities that are a match for your interests and goals. Talking with a faculty member who is in your field of interest can help you better understand your options.

Talk with a career adviser

Career advisers are here to help you understand and prepare for the graduate school application process. We can help you:

  • Explore whether graduate school is right for you
  • Research your program options and related careers
  • Prepare a resume or cover letter
  • Write your personal statement
  • Learn how to request recommendation letters

Schedule an advising appointment with a career advisor to prepare for graduate school.

Talk with an academic adviser

Your academic adviser typically knows you well and understands the opportunities available for students in your major or program. They can help you reflect on the courses that interested you and opportunities you may not have considered. Seattle University also has specific advisers who work with students preparing for future careers in health, law, engineering, and more.

Other people in your life

In addition to faculty members, academic and career advisers, you can also talk with friends, family members, others in your social network, professionals who you may know that work in the field you are considering, mentors and other important people in your life. In addition, you can talk with someone from the Office of Fellowships, who might be able to help you identify fellowship opportunities that suit your interests and help you to prepare your required materials.