Finding Graduate School Options

When exploring graduate school options you will find an array of helpful information online. Many students also talk with faculty or academic advisers to help them identify programs that might be of interest. Career Services advisers can also help you explore graduate school programs.

Graduate Programs by Field or Discipline

Many academic disciplines or professional industries produce information that can be useful for prospective graduate students in the field. To begin your discipline-specific search, start with the various websites for the professional association/s in your field to see if they include information about graduate programs or general tips for how to get into the field.

Using Your Network to Identify Graduate School Options

One of the best ways to explore programs is to talk with someone who knows you well and understands the field you wish to enter, and your general professional goals. Consider speaking with professors and advisers, family and friends, current or former supervisors, or mentors.

Graduate School Options by State or Region

If your graduate school search will be limited to a specific state or geographic area, Wikipedia may be a helpful resource for finding listings of colleges and universities by state. See the example list of colleges and universities in Washington

General Graduate School Links

Seattle University Graduate Programs

Seattle University offers a variety of graduate programs to consider. See a complete list of SU Graduate Programs. You can also learn more about the programs and any upcoming information sessions by visiting the individual websites for the various Schools and Colleges: