Inclusion and Industry Takeover


Keynote Title: Moving from Ally to Accomplice

Dr. Harden is co-founder and CEO of Harden Consulting Group, a company dedicated to providing organizational leaders with the knowledge and strategies to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment. Kimberly is also a professor in the Department of Communication at Seattle University. Her research focus is on gendered racism and its effects on African American male students and faculty and on how service learning enhances the academic learning and civic engagement of undergraduate students. Kimberly serves as a member of Seattle University’s iLead Implementation Task Force and The University of Washington’s Alliance for Media Education.

Dr. Kimberly Harden | Keynote Speaker - Inclusion and Industry Takeover

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Talent Acquisition

Create a pipeline of talent acquisition and professional development.

Brand Exposure

Boost your employer brand in our campus community. Just as hiring diverse talent is important to you as an employer, working in an organization that values diversity, equity and inclusion is important to our students. Students often research where they want to work for and they look at what organizations are doing to create inclusive environments for all employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Everyone benefits. Align your company with the positive impact that this event creates for students. Organizations that embrace diversity perform better. Good workplace diversity doesn’t just benefit the businesses themselves, but also the communities they operate in.