Counseling and Psychological Services

Initial Evaluation

  • Your first appointment will be an interview to gather basic information, learn about your reasons for coming to CAPS, and assess your needs so that we may better serve you. This may result in a recommendation or referral, such as group or individual counseling at CAPS or possibly referral to a therapist, psychologist or other resource in the community.

    Together, you and your therapist will decide how to best address your treatment goals. This may include referral for group sessions, to providers in the community, or for additional counseling sessions at CAPS. Often, students decide to attend counseling sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to explore one or more areas of personal concern. CAPS’s approach emphasizes your active participation in determining the course of counseling, establishing and evaluating the counseling goals and assessing results. It is important that you discuss with your therapist what is going well and what is not. Experience shows that counseling is enhanced when clients take an active part in the discussion.