Counseling and Psychological Services

Crisis Counseling

  • Crisis counseling is available for significant distress caused by an emotional crisis or catastrophic life event (death of a loved one, suicidal thoughts, severe depression, injury or assault, etc). Usually crisis counseling is provided during a regularly scheduled appointment. Urgent Care hours are available every weekday for students experiencing an acute personal crisis or who are feeling overwhelmed and unable to wait for an appointment.

    We are also available to provide assistance and support for roommates, friends, R.A.s and others who are impacted by another's traumatic event or crisis. When an individual or small group experiences a trauma or crisis, the ripple effects often extend to a wider circle of people. While attention is focused on aiding those most directly affected, the needs of this wider circle may be forgotten. Usually these individuals cope well by reaching out to family and friends for support. However, it may also be helpful to debrief and process the experience with a professional from CAPS.