Case Management/Referrals

CAPS provides case management services for students seeking referrals to psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and other mental health resources in the community. 

For information about ADHD Diagnosis Resources/Referrals specifically, see further below. 

What is case management?

Case management is a collaborative process between Case Manager and student. Case management assesses, plans, coordinates, and evaluates the options and services required to meet the student’s health and human service needs. It’s characterized by advocacy, communication, and resource management and promotes quality and cost-effective interventions and outcomes.

What is a Case Manager?

A case manager has a special skillset to: answer your questions, discuss your support options, help you identify and complete next steps. Ultimately, a case manager can connect you to resources on or off campus!

What assistance can a case manager provide?

A case manager might help:

  • discuss different therapy or other resources you can access (on or off campus)

  • create a personalized list of therapist referrals based on your resources/preferences, and help you move forward with next steps in that process

  • Investigate your health insurance to determine your benefits/session costs

  • If you don’t have health insurance, we can explore low cost/no cost options that might be available

How to receive case management and/or a referral:

CAPS offers case management during Urgent Hours, which are offered Mondays (2pm - 4pm), Thursdays (1pm-3pm), and Fridays (10am - Noon). Case Management sessions during Urgent Hours are typically 15-20 minutes. We also accept referral requests via email. 

ADHD Diagnosis Referrals 

Though CAPS staff can offer counseling for ADHD concerns, our office does not offer ADHD Diagnosis services. If you are looking for ADHD Diagnosis referrals please utilize The Learning Disabilities Association of Washington directory to connect with providers of ADHD assessments, which can be found here

If you are unable to located a resource for ADHD Diagnosis after first using the LDAW directory, please feel welcome to contact the CAPS office at or 206-296-6090 for assistance. 

Finding Off-Campus Counseling & Mental Health Services

Referral Databases

Our referral databases are publicly posted so that you can view your options and make informed decisions on clinics easily. Click one of the links below or on the left-hand navigation bar to find a provider that would best suit your needs. 

Need Immediate Help?

If you or someone around you is experiencing an emergency or are in a crisis, please call one of the numbers below to get in touch with someone right away:

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