Information for Family and Friends

Information for Family and Friends

This page is designed to help you understand and prepare for some of the unique experiences your student may have during their college years. This developmental period can be a significant transition time for your student and for you. 


Our office provides a variety of services to support your student's academic success and emotional well-being. CAPS staff are licensed mental health clinicians who have experience working with college students. 

When might psychotherapy be appropriate for your student?

Students seek therapy for many reasons including, but not limited to the following: 

  • mood-related concerns, such as depression and anxiety
  • adjustment to college
  • concerns about academic performance 
  • relational concerns: roommate, family, friend, significant other, etc. 
  • body image and eating concerns
  • identity concerns
  • alcohol and drug use
  • suicidal thoughts and feelings




Need Immediate Help?

If you or someone around you is experiencing an emergency or are in a crisis, please call one of the numbers below to get in touch with someone right away:

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