Counseling and Psychological Services
Information for Faculty and Staff

Scheduling and Appointments

  • Students should make their own appointments. You can assist this process by offering the student immediate use of your phone. To schedule an appointment for an initial evaluation, the student should call 206.296.6090 between 8am -12pm and 1pm - 4:30pm Monday through Friday.

    If you or the student believe that the matter is urgent and needs immediate attention, the student may be seen during Urgent Care, which is at 10:00am and 3:00pm each weekday. Whenever possible, please contact CAPS to let us know you are referring the student to us. This will help us prepare for the student's arrival.

    The student will be asked to complete several forms before meeting with the therapist. During the initial 50 minute visit, the therapist begins an assessment of the student's needs and the ways in which CAPS might be able to help.

    The student and the therapist may agree that further therapy is appropriate and arrangements will be made for future therapy sessions. Group and couple therapy is also available and may be recommended. Some students are referred to community resources for specialized or longer term therapy. Some students may leave the initial interview feeling they have the capacity to handle their problems on their own. Students can always return to CAPS if additional services would be useful.