Finding Calm

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Seattle University CAPS explains a new video series, Finding Calm, about living with anxiety.

The content included in this video is for educational and informational purposes only. We make no recommendation or guarantee of its appropriateness for you as an individual. It should not be considered a substitute for mental/physical health treatment or consultation with a mental health professional. Always seek the advice of your qualified mental health provider or physician with any questions you may have regarding a mental health or medical condition. If you need immediate assistance, call your local emergency number or mental health crisis line. In Seattle, WA that number is 866-4CRISIS.


Finding Calm 0: What is Find Calm? 



Finding Calm 1: Understanding Anxiety 



Finding Calm 2: What Causes Anxiety?



Finding Calm 3: Anxiety and the Brain



Finding Calm 4: Recognizing Anxious Thinking 



Finding Calm Episode 5: Automatic Thoughts



Finding Calm Episode 6: Social Anxiety



Finding Calm Episode 7: Social Anxiety Continued



Finding Calm Episode 8: Anticipatory Anxiety



Finding Calm Episode 9: Rumination




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