About the Seattle U Experience

Inspired from above, Ignited from within

For over 125 years, campus traditions at Seattle University have been so much more than the events we host. They are the spirit that our Redhawks encounter from the moment they arrive on campus. We cannot wait until you join us at our #SUTraditions! 

SU Fight Song

Let's give a cheer for Seattle, Ol' Seattle U
Show them the fight of the Red & White
They will win for you
Fight, Fight, Fight
Over the foes we're victorious and victory is our cheer
So let's give a cheer
For the whole gang is here
To cheer you, Seattle U!
Over the foes we're victorious and victory is our cheer
So let's give a cheer for the whole gang is here to cheer you, Seattle U.


Click here for a video tutorial of the Fight Song. 

Seattle University Mascot: Rudy the Redhawk 

Rudy the Redhawk 

  • Rudy was named the official mascot of Seattle University in 2001.
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Seattle University Seal

The seal is the university's formal emblem representing our traditions of academic excellence, Jesuit Education, and the dynamic opportunities afforded by our location. 

Seal: 2-color

History of the Seal

History of the Seal Seattle University has had a formal seal for more than a century. During this time the seal has evolved through three changes. Each change has increased the impact and clarity of the symbolism of the seal. The seal has also changed to reflect the evolution of the university from Seattle College to Seattle University. The origin of the original seal is not known, but there is some indication that it was designed by the late James Brogan, SJ, pastor of St. Joseph’s Church. Father Brogan was instrumental in designing the seal of Gonzaga University as well. Sometime before 1956 the seal was refined by Neil Meany, SJ. The current refinement of the university seal was designed by David Balzer, Seattle University’s creative director, and formally approved by Seattle University President Stephen V. Sundborg, SJ, in July 2003. The current seal was updated to reinforce the Jesuit tradition of Seattle University and to recognize the university’s location in the city of Seattle and the Northwest. 

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 for an explanation of the symbols on the University Seal.