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Campus Liturgies

  • Roman Catholic Worship

    At the centerpiece of Seattle University's Roman Catholic worship is the Chapel of Saint Ignatius, which comes to life not only through the various colors of the windows shining onto the walls, but through the persons that fill the space with different stories, desires, dreams and needs. Our liturgies are spiritual experiences: we encourage people to sing, respond and eat together, to share silences and prayer; to hear Scripture, the teaching of preachers and the witness of the assembly through heart-felt spontaneous prayers spoken for the life of the community and world. Our worship is participatory and we welcome all people-- especially our students, undergraduate and graduate -- "to find God in all things." 
    Weekday Mass 

    12:30 PM -- Monday - Friday   Chapel of Saint Ignatius

    Sunday Mass

     11:00 AM -- Chapel of Saint Ignatius

      8:00 PM -- Chapel of Saint Ignatius*

    * No 8:00 PM Mass during summer and during academic breaks.

    Liturgical Ministers


    If you are interested in serving in any way at our campus liturgies, please contact campusministry@seattleu.edu.

    A variety of people with diverse gifts and skills contribute to the creation, prayerfulness, and beauty of the liturgies here at Seattle University - from the Mass of the Holy Spirit to the liturgy during Commencement weekend. 

    Sunday Mass, particularly the 8pm Student liturgy, serves as gathering of prayer and song for our university community.  We gather to bless and praise God and to pray for the life of the world. We pray to the extent that we understand, experience, and embrace our identity as the Body of Christ - the Church.  Our gatherings do not end on Sunday, but many are called to celebrate in community at 12:30p daily Mass for sustenance on the scriptures and in communion.

    We welcome all people to liturgical leadership - liturgical ministry.  Leadership opportunities include:

    • proclaiming scripture and the intercessions (Lectors),
    • welcoming people, passing out worship aids and even sharing information about the Chapel (Greeters and Hospitality Ministers)
    • sharing the bread and wine (Ministers of Communion).  

    There are also opportunities for behind the scene leadership:

    • preparation and cleaning up of our symbolic elements (cups, plates, books, etc.), 
    • baking the bread shared for communion
    • assisting in creating the environment ("decorating") the different sacred spaces on campus. 

    There are also seasonal opportunities that we need such as liturgical movement/dance, banner and candle/lamp carriers, readers of various languages, incense bearers and even metal polishers and laundry assistants. 

    All these opportunities bring the whole assembly into active participation in the liturgical life of the university. 

    Simple training and ongoing formation is provided.  For more information or to get involved, please contact Campus Ministry.

    Priest Presider Login Terminal

     Priest Presiders, login for your ministry schedule here.


    Protestant Worship

    The Well

    Wednesday evenings at 7pm in the Ecumenical Chapel in Campion Hall.

    There are no Well services in the summer and during academic breaks.

    For more information about The Well click here.