Textbook Lending Library Titles


Class Professor Title ISBN
UCOR-1600-03 Schoettmer A Canticle for Leibowitz 9780553273816
    A Documentary History of the United States (7e) 9780451207487
UCOR-2100-12 Barclift A History of Christian Theology  9780664239350
UCOR-1440-03 Spencer A History of the Great War 9780195181944
MKTG-4910-01 Ram Aaker on Branding 9781614488323
UCOR-3400-05 McLeod African Soccerscapes 9780896802780
CRJS-5010-02 Helfgott Against Prediction: Profiling, Policing, and Punishing in an Actuarial Age 9780226316147
HIST-3220-01 Earenfight Ale, Beer & Brewsters in England 9780195126501
    All is Grace: A Biography of Dorothy Day  9781570759215
    An Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy (2e) 9780415719506
    Angkor and the Khmer Civilization  9780500284421
FILM-3690-01 Barda Arab Cinema: History and Cultural Identity (Updated) 9789774166907
UCOR-2920-03 Moskalik Arguing about Bioethics 9780415476331
    ATTA 9781584351061
    Behavioral, Social, and Emotional Assessment of Children… (4e) 9780415884600
UCOR-2100-15 Hofstad Beyond God the Father 9780807015032
CRJS-5010-02 Helfgott Bloodsworth 9781565125148
SPEX-2110-01 DePalma BLS Provider Manual Product #15-1010 9781616690397
    Brief Group Treatment 534355544
UCOR-3100-01 Jaycox Buddhism and Bioethics 9780333912805
    Building Positive Behavior Support Systems in Schools (2e) 9781462519729
UCOR-1440-03 Spencer Captivity, Forced Labor, and Forced Migration in Europe 9780415846356
    Capturing Contemporary Japan 9780824838690
    Christianity and Science 9781570757402
NURS-5052 Berens Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs 9780889374744
    Clinical Interviews for Children and Adolescents (2e) 9781462508419
SPSY-5020 Callaghan Cognitive Therapy for Adolescents in School Settings 9781609181338
SPED-5460 Kidwell Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions in Educational Settings (Handbook) 9780415807401
CMJR-3910-02 Homchick Communicating About Health (5e) 9780190275686
PLSC-3910-02 Bakiner Comparative Constitutional Law 9780857930781
    Conceiving the New World Order 9780520089143
  Atwood Consumer Behavior (11e) 9788120350595
    Contingent Lives 226058522
UCOR-3840-02 Lauer Control of Nature 9780374522599
HIST-3730-01 McLeod Conversations with Cuba 9780820323022
    Courtesans and Fishcakes 312185596
HIST-3730-01 McLeod Cuba: Between Reform and Revolution (5e) 9780199301447
BUAN-3210-01 Green Data Computing: An Introduction to Wrangling and Visualization with R 9780983965848
UCOR-2500-14 Hopkins Descartes: Meditations on First Philosophy (Revised ed. edition) 9780521558181
MKTG-4910-01 Ram Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd 9780307460868
    Discovering Psychology (5e) 9781429216500
CPSC-4520-01 Zhu Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms (2e) 9780132392273
    Documents on the Rape of Nanking 9780472086627
EVST-3650 Miller Don't Even Think About It 9781632861023
    eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet 9780312541194
    Effective School Interventions (2e) 9781572309678
PUBA-4110-01 Elbert Embracing Cultural Competency 9780940069688
    Empires and Colonies in the Modern World 9780190216375
ITAL-1150-01 Tassone English Grammar for Student of Italian, 3rd Edition 9780934034401
CRJS-5060-01 Hickman Envisioning Criminology  9783319158679
    Essentials of Clinical Examination Handbook (7e) 9781604069112
    Evidence-Based Practice in the Exercise Science 9781450434195
SPED-5460 Kidwell Executive Skills in Children & Adolescents (2e) 9781606235713
    Existentialism: Basic Writings (2e) 9780872205956
UCOR-2100-19 Kelly Eyes to See, Ears to Hear 9781570753367
UCOR-1440-04 Spencer Faith & Fatherland 9780800623586
STMC-5720 Schwab Family Assessment: Contemporary and Cutting-Edge Strategies (2e) 9780415894074
EVST-3500-01 Whiting Field Notes From A Catastrophe 9781620409886
    First Ladies 9781610395663
    Food and Culture: A Reader (3e) 9780415521048
GAST-3030-01 Adejumobi For Women and the Nation: Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti of Nigeria 9780252066139
CHEM-4500-01 Thorsell Foundations of Biochemistry (4e) 9781602635326
CHEM-1500-01 Verdan Foundations of Chemistry (4e) 9781602635043
UCOR-1620-07 Miller Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies 9780520275140
EVST-2150-01 Whiting Full-Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the PNW 9781570619427
    Fundamentals of Database Systems (7e) 9781292097619
    Galileo (Bertolt Brecht) 9780802130594
HIST-3220-01 Earenfight Gender & Difference in the Middle Ages 9780816638949
PUBM-5910-04 Nafziger Governing Washington: Politics and Gov in the Evergreen State 9780874223088
    Half the Sky 9780307387097
SPSY-5620 Callaghan Handbook on Family and Community Engagement (FACE Handbook) 9781617356681
    Hear My Testimony  9780896084841
UCOR-1400-01 Murphy Herbert Hoover 9780805069587
    Hesiod Theogony Works and Days 9780192839411
HIST-2020-01 Kangas Historical Studies (2e) 9780415385770
HIST-2310-01 Murphy History's People: Personalities and the Past 9781487001377
    Honeymoon in Tehran 9780812977905
    Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet 9780345505347
    How Asia Works 9780802121325
GAST-3030-01 Adejumobi How Colonialism Preempted Modernity in Africa 9780253221308
    How Connections Heal 9781593850326
    Human Development and Faith (2e) 9780827214958
    Human Resources Management (4e) 9781118398623
UCOR-1600-13 Phinney Illegal Traveller 9780230336742
PSYC-3070 LeBeau Intimacy, Transcendence, and Psychology 9780230619647
UCOR-2900-09 Severson Intro Into Ethics: Reader 9780742563575
UCOR-2500-07 Weirich Introduction to Philosophy: Classical and Contemporary Readings (7e) 9780190200237
    Jesus: A Portrait 9781570757839
UCOR-2100-12 Barclift Key Moments in Church History  9780742550735
    Lawrence in Arabia 9780307476418
    Leadership on the Line 9781578514373
PUBM-5910-04 Nafziger Learning the Game: How the Legislative Process Works 9781580243582
UCOR-1440-04 Spencer Life & Death in the Thrid Reich 9780674034655
    Loaves and Fishes  1570751560
UCOR-1620-07 Miller Made in Madagascar 9781442603745
PHIL-4850 Cisneros Madness & Civilization (Foucault) 9780679721109
PUBM-5910-04 Nafziger Making Your Case: How to Win in Legislature 9781580243599
    Managing Contraceptive Pill Patients (15e) 9780929240961
    Media Relations Handbook (2e) 9781587331671
    Monochrome Days 9780195310054
CRJS-5010-02 Helfgott Moral Panic 9780300109634
UCOR-1440-05 Kangas Mrs. Dalloway (Trade Ed), 1st Edition 9780156628709
NURS-5032-01 DeSocio Neuroscience of Clinical Psychiatry (2e) 9781451101546
    Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain (4e) 9780781778176
ENGL-3014-01 Roberts Norton Anthology of Latino Literature 9780393975321
NURS-5014 Sin Nursing Research w/Bind-In Access (10e) 9781496300232
    On Human Nature (Aquinas) 9780872204546
    One-Dimensional Man 9780807014172
UCOR-1610-02 Conley Outsiders: Studies in the Sociology of Deviance 9780684836355
    Passionate Enlightenment 9780691010908
STMC-5210 Brown Pastoral Counseling Across Cultures 9780664256166
UCOR-1440-03 Spencer Personal Perspectives: World War I 9781851095650
BIOL-2520-02 Miller Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast 9781772130089
PHIL-4850-01 Dombrowski Political Liberalism 9780231130899
    Population-Based Public Health Clinical Manual (2e) 9781938835346
PHIL-4850 Cisneros Power (Foucault) 9781565847095
CRJS-5030-02 Connor Protecting Our Kids?: How Sex Offender Laws are Failing Us 9781440838620
NURS-5038-01 Berens Psychiatric-Mental Health: Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice (2e) 9781558105553
    Publication Manual APA (6e) 9781433805615
PHIL-4850 Cisneros Punitive Society (Foucault) 9781403986603
    Puntos de Partida (8e) 9780073534428
UCOR-1430-11 Gribben Puzzles About Art 9780312003074
    Readings in the Philosophy of Law (2e) 9781551118109
SPED-5460 Kidwell Resilient Playgrounds 9780415960885
UCOR-1440-04 Spencer Resisting the Third Reich 9780875803302
CRJS-5240-01 Hickman Risk Terrain Modeling: Crime Prediction and Risk Reduction 9780520282933
SPSY-5020 Callaghan School Psychologist as Counselor 9780932955593
CPSC-4800 LeBlanc Scientists Must Speak 9781439826034
CRJS-5030-02 Connor Sex, Sexuality, Law, and (In)Justice 9781138852112
UCOR-2100-15 Hofstad Sexism & God-Talk 9780807012055
UCOR-2100-15 Hofstad Sisters in the Wilderness 9781626980389
    Speaking of Sadness 195094867
    Stahls Essential Psychopharmacology (4e) 9781107686465
UCOR-1610-01 Connor Stigma 9780671622442
PUBA-3800-01 Wong Strangers From a Different Shore 9780316831307
  Kengas Strangers in Their Own Land 9781620973493
CMME-2300-01 Liu Strategic Communications Planning for Effective Public Relations and Marketing (6e) 9781465249159
    Terrorism Studies: A Reader 9780415455053
    The Art of Happiness (Epicurus) 9780143107217
UCOR-1610-02 Conley  The Appeal 9780345532022
PUBA-4910-01 Balter The Art of Social Media 9781591848073
    The BRICS: A Very Short Introduction 9780198723394
    The Catholic Worker After Dorothy 9780814631874
    The Color of Social Policy  872931110
    The Concept of Law (3e) 9780199644704
    The Control of Nature 9780374522599
HIST-3730-01 McLeod The Cuba Reader: History, Culture, Politics 9780822331971
    The Essential Enneagram 9780061713163
UCOR-2500 Kidder The Essential Kierkegaard 9780691019406
    The Ethics of Authenticity 9780674268630
    The Fall 9780679720225
GAST-3030-01 Adejumobi The Female King of Colonial Nigeria, Ahebe Ugbaba 9780253222480
MGMT-4720 Lasprogata The Four Agreements 9781878424938
WGST-3910-02 Atkins The Future Blasphemy 9781441107374
UCOR-1600-03 Schoettmer The Handmaids Tale 9780385490818
    The Herland Trilogy  9781617204463
    The Historiography of Genocide 9780230279551
HIST-2020-01 Kangas The Houses of History (2e) 9780719096211
    The Ingenue in White: Reflections of a Costume Designer 1575253313
    The Innocents Abroad (Mark Twain) 9780451530493
UCOR-3100-01 Lawrence The Jewish Study Bible (2e) 9780199978465
    The Nature and Functions of Law (7e) 9781599413372
    The Neuroscience of Clinical Psychiatry (2e) 9781451101546
UCOR-1100-01 Aguirre The New Class Society (4e) 9781442205284
    The Oxford Handbook of Latin American History 9780195166217
    The Paradox of Power and Weakness 9780791438909
PHIL-4380 Rellihan The Philosophy of Language (6e) 9780199795154
SPSY-5620 Callaghan The Power of Family-School Partnering (FSP) 9780415801478
    The Practice of Statistics in the Life Sciences (2e) 9781429272728
    The Punitive Society  9781403986603
    The Refugees 9780802126399
UCOR-1400-01 Murphy The Remarkable Education of John Quincy Adams 9781137279620
    The Right Thing to Do (7e) 9780078119088
UCOR-1100-01 Aguirre The Shock Doctrine: Rise of Disaster Capitalism  9780312427993
    The Souls of Black Folk 9781505223378
    The Tempest 9781408133477
    The United Nations and Changing World Politics (6e) 9780813344355
    The Women Founders 9781577665090
THRS-3410-01 Lawrence The World's Religions 9780061660184
PSYC-3910-02 Murowchick The World's Youth 9780521006057
CRJS-5010-02 Helfgott Theorizing Criminal Justice (2e) 9781577666639
    They Say 9780195160215
    Thinking for Clinicians 9780881634938
    Toms River 9780553806533
UCOR-2500-14 Hopkins Twilight of the Idols: How to Philosophize with a Hammer 9781523605514
PSYC-3070 LeBeau Understanding Phenomenology 9781844650552
UCOR-1600-04 Albright Understanding Social Control: Deviance, Crime and Social Order 9780335209408
    What Are They Saying About: The Historical Jesus? 9780809144457
HUMT-1510-02 Kelly Wiping the War Paint Off the Lens: Native American Film and Video (Vol. 10) 9780816631612
HUMT-1510-02 Kelly With Other Eyes: Looking at Race and Gender in Visual Culture 9780816632237
UCOR-1440-03 Spencer Women and the First World War 9780582418769
UCOR-2100-15 Hofstad Women, Earth & Creator Spirit 9780809134151
    World War I & European Society  9780669334708
    Worship and the New Cosmology  9780814682722
    Worth the Pain 9781611691122