Mexico Mission Trek

  •  Program Cost:  $1000.00

    Travel Dates:  December 13-20, 2014

    Applications Available Now. Due April 17, 2014. 

    Participants in the MMT program fly to San Diego and drive across the U.S./Mexico border into Tijuana, where they reside and work. Students will stay at the Posada Retreat Center in La Gloria located just outside of Tijuana. 

    Throughout the week, students work with Esperanza International, a non-profit organization that promotes the development of communities interested in improving their quality of life through voluntary participation in the support of housing projects and environmental care programs. During the week days participants join families in the construction of simple concrete homes. This labor-intensive construction process includes the digging of foundations, pouring of concrete roofs, assembling brick walls, and other strenuous physical activity. In the evenings participants  go on site-visits to places such as a church, an orphanage, a health clinic, and eat dinner with people who have recently been deported or migrated to Tijuana at a center named Casa del Migrante. Through these various activities participants build relationships in the colonias of Tijuana while learning about community empowerment. 


    "MMT simultaneously enlivened and sobered my idealism - enlivened it because I have never seen so much cause for hope or evidence of it on people's faces, and sobered because true change happens slowly." - MMT Participant 

    "I see Mexico Mission Trek everywhere and I am thankful for the sore arms, for the smiles, for the heartache, for the soccer matches, for the eye-opening experiences, for the meals prepared with so much love by the families, and most of all for the perspective. Without Mexico Mission Trek I would not be where I am today."-   MMT Participant 

    "...with each encounter I had with someone, my preconceived notions, stereotypes and boarders were continually broken down until all I saw was the face of an individual human being."  -MMT Participant  

    For more information,  please contact Jimmy McCarty at or 206-296-6079.