Service Opportunities

Campus Ministry provides a variety of community service opportunities. 

St. James Cathedral Kitchen

The Cathedral Kitchen began life as the Family Kitchen on February 24, 1975. Nine people came to Cathedral Hall to taste Catholic Worker food and warm hospitality that Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin envisioned when they founded the Catholic Worker movement in 1933. That crowd of nine on Day One has become an average crowd of 150 more than four decades later. The Family Kitchen has been able to remain a welcoming, safe, non-judgmental place In May of 2007, the Catholic Worker group made the decision to step back from operating the Family Kitchen, and St. James Cathedral took the kitchen on as one of its own ministries, hiring two full-time staff to operate the kitchen and coordinate volunteers. Today, the Cathedral Kitchen serves all in need, regardless of age, gender, or creed.


Juvenile Justice Mentoring 

The King County Juvenile Division is responsible for the care and custody of youth in detention. State law requires King County to provide a juvenile detention facility.

King County uses detention sparingly and only for the most serious or violent crimes and high-risk offenders. While in detention, youth attend school and have access to a wide range of programs and services. The focus is on rehabilitation, not punishment, and ensuring community safety. King County is committed to helping youth involved in Juvenile Court develop into healthy, productive adults.



For information regarding the St. James Cathedral Kitchen or the Juvenile Justice Mentoring Program please contact Marilyn Nash or 206.296.2267