Faith & Justice Cohorts

  • Campus Ministry provides a variety of extracurricular social justice education opportunities throughout the year. These opportunities vary in form – they include discussion groups, watching movies, and sharing meals. The following are our regular social justice education opportunities:

    Faith and Justice Cohorts 

    In Faith and Justice Cohorts students come together to explore social justice as a vision and practice within a life of faith. Throughout these quarter-long cohorts students investigate systems of injustice, the dynamics of social justice work, and tools for transformation through the lens of a particular social justice issue (such as environmental justice or prison reform). Cohorts meet one evening per week and are led by students.

    Justice Cafes

    Justice Cafes are once-a-month student-led meetings in which students explore particular social justice issues through curriculum provided by the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center ( These meetings serve to introduce students to contemporary social justice issues through multiple lenses and with an eye toward action. Justice Cafes, because they occur once-a-month rather than once-a-week, are a good option for busy students or students just learning about how to live a life committed to social justice.

    Soup with Substance

    Soup with Substance meetings are once-a-quarter lunches featuring guest speakers from local organizations addressing particular social justice issues. Often included in these lunches are roundtable discussions about how SU students can be involved in bringing about social change. These simple lunches, inspired by the practice of early Catholic Worker communities, provide an opportunity for students to dialogue with local activists and leaders creating social change in Seattle.

    Movies with Meaning 

    Movies with Meaning are once-a-quarter events in the evening in which students view a film or documentary followed by a discussion period. These events are often the first time students are exposed to the social justice issue addressed in the selected films and have been catalysts for further conversations and actions on campus and in the community. 

    For more information about any of Campus Ministry’s social justice programming please contact Jimmy McCarty at or 206.296.6079.