Interfaith Programming

The 'inter' in interfaith stands for interaction between people who orient around religion differently. The 'faith' in interfaith stands for how people relate to their religious and ethical traditions. Put together, 'interfaith' is about how our interactions with those who are different have an impact on the way we related to our religious and ethical traditions, and how our relationships with our traditions have an impact on our interactions with those who are different from us.

Eboo Patel Founder and President of Interfaith Youth Core

Campus Ministry is committed to providing programming to support interfaith exploration and the creation of bonds of friendship and understanding across the diverse faith and philosophical traditions represented among Seattle University's student body.

Our commitment to interfaith work arises from our Catholic foundation. According the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, "It is our hope and our goal to foster bonds of friendship, mutual understanding, and constructive collaboration among the world’s religions in the genuine service of [human]kind."1

In addition to our interfaith programs, Campus Ministry offers a variety of opportunities for students to engage more fully in their own particular faith traditions. For more information on these opportunities, visit our Exploring Faith and Spirituality, Religious Student Groups, and Local Houses of Worship pages.


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