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  • Religion Not Required – An Ecumenical Bible Study 

    NOTE: During Spring Quarter 2015, the meetings will now take place on Mondays at 7 p.m. in the Jolly Room (STCN 122). 

    The Bible's Biggest Controversies Homosexuality, abortion, war, women's rights. What does the Bible say--or not say--about the cultural and political issues that divide us today? Join Dr. Dan Peterson spring quarter as Religion Not Required covers the Bible's biggest controversies! Our conversations will consider the original languages of the Bible, how translations can tweak and twist what we read, and what contemporary biblical scholars are saying. All are welcome.

    Join Dr. Daniel Peterson of Matteo Ricci College for an "all are welcome," no holds barred Bible study starting this fall! For more information contact Dr. Daniel Peterson: petersda@seattleu.edu