Scripture Reflections

October 3: Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Campus Ministry on Sunday, October 3, 2021 at 12:01 PM PDT

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As I reflect on the readings for this week, I’m struck by the question: what does it mean to live with loss? Loss of one another? Loss of traditions?

I’d normally deal with loss through the company of loved ones. Gathering my support and comfort in-person remains difficult but my virtual supports have remained steady throughout this pandemic. While these people I consider family have helped me deal with the inevitable loss, I haven’t found a way to live with the loss of human connection, life, and events.

I feel disconnected from these seemingly random instances that have piled up into a mountain of grief, waiting to be sorted and compartmentalized. Some are recent, some are personal, others are distant, others are ceaseless. But my daily responsibilities and worries take me from assignment to task to virtual meeting without stopping to address this mountain of grief. Instead of feeling the loss, in its place is burnout.

As I attempt to address my own mountain of grief, I know at this moment it feels as though no amount of reflection, prayer, or space will chip away the emptiness I feel.

What does loss feel like for you? Is it a culmination of heavy emotions? More distinct than sorrow? Does the severity depend on the situation?

How do we take care of one another and this earth, assuming we are all feeling a sense of loss and grieving in our own ways? How do we show compassion to our brothers, sisters, and siblings who have faced and continue to face loss?

I wonder how I can extend this compassion to myself? How can I let this loss be shown in my various relationships? To family, friends, and peers? In the workplace? How can I embrace the vulnerability that comes with the topic of loss?

Gelsey Manipon, B.A. in Humanities for Teaching with a Specialization in Elem. Edu., Class of 2022