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October 17: Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Campus Ministry on Sunday, October 17, 2021 at 11:24 AM PDT

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This week’s readings have brought the notions of power, community, and relationships to my mind. When I first think of the word power, some words that initially come to mind are strength, capability, glory, force, and rule. I also think of the superiority that someone with power may have and how it may be utilized both in good and bad ways. This made me wonder if people today in our world or even myself truly realize the gravity of positions of power or leadership we may currently hold in our lives.

I have held several positions of leadership or “power” in the past in various instances and one example is when I used to work as the desk coordinator in a SeattleU dorm. As desk coordinator, I was the person in charge of making schedules, meeting with my desk supervisor, ensuring the desk functioned smoothly and efficiently, and ensuring the desk was a welcoming and helpful environment for students and guests.

The Gospel reading for this week has made me realize that my job is an example of a situation where I held a certain “power” over people and others as I was in a position of delegation and enforcement of policies and procedures. However, I also realize this position was a form of power that Jesus invites us to realize, a power coming from love and service. Working in the dorms, I was not only able to provide the best quality care and assistance for residents, but I was also able to form great relationships with the residents and my coworkers and help make the dorm a welcoming environment for everyone. I consider the interactions and connections I made at the desk to be the highlight of working in the dorm for almost two years.

With today’s reading in mind, are there any positions of power or leadership in your own relationships or community that you are a part of that comes to mind? If so, how do you (or would you) utilize these positions to express your love and service to others? In what ways do you feel called to serve others?


~ Erin Camemo, B.S. Diagnostic Ultrasound, Class of 2022