Scripture Reflections

May 1: Third Sunday of Easter

Posted by Campus Ministry on Sunday, May 1, 2022 at 10:53 AM PDT

As I reflect on the readings for this week, I think about the noise in our day-to-day routines. Imagine the clacking sounds of a keyboard, the hum of the Link light rail, and chatter from friends and strangers. All of these examples are what I hear outside of myself. Yet even in the quietest spaces, I cannot seem to drown out the thoughts in my mind. 

Since the start of the quarter, it has felt like my head has been full of incessant thoughts about assignment deadlines, post-grad plans, and present responsibilities. The droning that goes on and on in my mind can seem louder than the exhaust pipes from cars. As a result, I fall into this cycle of cynicism about the state of the world, specifically my role in it. With these feelings of hopelessness, it is all too easy to push away what I “need” to think about and focus on the outside noise. 

With all the noise both in and around me, I rarely appreciate intentional pauses of silence. Recently I’ve started putting away my earbuds in favor of being more aware of my surroundings. While it isn’t the complete silence I pictured it to be, I notice how my thoughts stand still for a moment. This instant of momentary stillness feels like a second of relief from all things said and unsaid. 

I’d like to end this reflection with an invitation into the silence for a moment. That could mean pocketing your phone, doing a quick breathing exercise, or calming the mind. I invite you to note your feelings/emotions after entering into the silence. 


-Gelsey Manipon, Class of 2022