Scripture Reflections

June 2: Tuesday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

Posted by Campus Ministry on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 6:00 AM PDT

hands clasped in prayer

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“Beloved: Wait for and hasten the coming of the day of God,…according to his promise we await new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.” (2 Pt 3:12-13)

“In every age O Lord, you have been our refuge.” (Psalm 90:1) 

“Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God.” (Mark 12:17) 

God of every generation,
You have been the refuge of our ancestors,
who cried out to you in times of great distress.
We look around now,
in a world of pain and suffering
and cry out to you anew.

Be our refuge in this age.
We long for a new heaven and a new earth,
where righteousness dwells.
Transform our world,
                           our communities,
                                                      our hearts,
that all may be in right relationship in you.
Help us to see your kingdom of mercy, justice, communion, and peace
unfolding in our midst,
calling to us to partner in its becoming.

Jesus our friend,
you knew what it was like to live under the weight of oppressive rule
that would eventually kill you.
You ceaselessly and lovingly proclaimed God’s reign to people who loved you and betrayed you.
Help us to recognize your presence in those killed by the state,
those dismissed for their revolutionary messages,
those sacrificed for the maintenance of the status quo.
Give us the same love for the kingdom of God that burned in you,
that we too may have the courage to proclaim and embody
love, justice, peace, mercy, hope, and joy,
and live as Good News in a world in need of your transforming power.

Holy Spirit, Wisdom, Sacred Breath,
stir up in us the fire of your love, that we may see both
the world as it is, and as you dream it to be.
Remind us that every person bears
the indelible image of God, no matter how much our systems try to obscure it
through commodification, consumerism, and criminalization.
Comfort and empower us, who long for your strength and hope,
and disturb us out of our complicity and complacency.
When we are weary and have no words left to pray, open our hearts and pray in us,
that we, and all our descendants, may remember that
you are our refuge, in every age. 


JoAnn M. Lopez, Campus Minister and Resident Minister