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January 30: Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Campus Ministry on Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 8:00 AM PST

a photo underwater of a rock formation in the shape of a heart

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Entering 2022 with an open heart is what everybody wishes for. How can the last 60 minutes in 2021 differ from the first 60 minutes in 2022? Yet, December 31st feels so different from January 1st. We gather up all our hopes and wishes for the new year, set up new resolutions, and strive to be new people when new year arrives. This week’s reading teaches us about how Love never fails, how God will always be here for us no matter what we are feeling. Whether we are hopeful or not, He never leaves us alone.  

Love never fails, Love is patient, and Love is kind. We have heard these words so often that we have become numb to them. A lot of people lose hope in love because they have been disappointed, they have been hurt by someone they trust the most, or even when their prayers are not answered by God. We often lose hope and love for God because what we wish and what we want is not what we get. But have you ever thought that what if we get the things that we wished and wanted so bad, and they end up being not suitable for us and will make our life even worse? 

This brings me to a point of reflection; I am guilty as charged when talking about losing hope and not believing in what God has in store for me. I have felt disappointed when my prayers are not answered, but little did I know that was the best thing for me. God has everything in store for me. I remember once I was so disappointed when I didn’t get assigned to the school I wanted in Junior High. I cried and blamed everyone. Little did I know that God had planned everything for me at this different school. I was able to thrive even more there. I was able to discover other talents of mine and was able to go on a competition at least twice a month. This makes me reflect, if I got to go to the school that I wanted so bad, I might not have been able to discover these things about myself. God’s timing never fails. Believe in Him and his timing, because again Love never fails. 


Alberta Wendy Sunanda, Class of 2022, BA in Business Administration, Finance Major