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February 7: Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Campus Ministry on Sunday, February 7, 2021 at 8:00 AM PST

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We know that currently there is a lot of pain in the world. The news coverage is heavier, focused on events that make us doubt what good there might be existing in the world. Each of us have our own worries or mishaps that we might try to ignore so that we can keep moving forward. There are also times when we are tired and refuse to admit it or take the time to recover.  

In the readings today we hear how Job felt horrible about his situation. He could not find any hope in the situation he was in, but still, as we know from elsewhere in the Book of Job, Job found it in himself to be assured that God was with him. This makes me question: how do I still feel God’s presence when times are bad or rough? A simple thought came to mind for me and it was the sunrise of each day. Sure, living where it is cloudy most days means I will not always see the sun, but I know it’s there. I know God’s still there. Job was honest with himself and authentic too—he did not lie and say that he was still happy despite all that happened to him, he was sincere. How can we be more honest in our day to day?  

As we read the Gospel today, I think it is important to be reminded that Jesus was still human, as us, and lived in the realness of life. He still was tired, was afraid but was also committed to giving himself to others. He took the time for himself then continued to serve those around him, and as we hear in today’s Gospel, those he healed then in turn served others around them. I find this comforting because it illustrates how human Jesus was in his earthly life. It reminds me to be more human too, trusting that it is there that God meets us.

Having those Jesus served continue to serve others is an example to me of the heart of the Gospel, the “Good News.” We are part of the church that lives and believes in the Gospel, not just hearing it, but also responding actively to God’s love in our world. I am reminded of St. Francis’s quote “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary, use words,” something I heard plenty in elementary school but something that I think rings true today. Having encountered God’s love, how can we be part of sharing that Gospel with others? How are we called to serve others? 


~ Karina Comes, B.S. Biology, Class of 2021