Confirmation is a great opportunity to explore faith, serve others, go deeper into understanding, and live out the spirit of God within you and serve your community. Confirmation is for people who are Baptized Catholics. As a Confirmation group we will explore Church teachings, Catholic spirituality, and Sacraments. We will share with one another what it means to be a person of faith, a person connected with a spirituality and a person who is living the wisdom of God in their lives. Then in Spring quarter you will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at our 8:00pm Community mass.


  • Join the group in the fall quarter.
  • Attend meetings!
  • Attend Confirmation Day Retreat in the early winter quarter.
  • Engage with the group and share your own experience and faith.
  • Participate in the outside “assignments”

Other Bits

  • You will choose your sponsor or we will help you find one.
  • Confirmation will be sometime in May. The Archbishop’s office will let us know.
  • Our meetings are not going to be serious or “hard” but we will want you to share and participate.
  • This is for people who have already been Baptized Catholic.

For more information, or to sign up contact Campus Ministry or call 206-296-6075