Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor is designed to introduce students to the foundation and process of identifying and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities in the form of creating a new business or initiating a new project within an established organization. In the two required core courses, students are provided with a broad perspective of innovation & entrepreneurial leadership in different organizations, such as startups, family businesses, “lifestyle businesses,” high growth ventures, and corporate entrepreneurship. Students gain knowledge and skill in a “learning by doing” experiential learning environment.

Why Choose to Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation?

By minoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, students will:

  • Learn how to identify and mange uncertainties that are inherent in entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Learn how to create sustainable and  innovative business solutions to real life problems that impact our world
  • Gain knowledge and hands-on skills to develop business opportunities and business operations
  • Learn how to plan, acquire, and deploy resources needed to exploit business opportunities
  • Develop skills and mindset of entrepreneurial leadership

What Types of Jobs Would I be Able to Get if I Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation?

Entrepreneurship and innovation are important for economic growth and poverty reduction.  They are the key drivers for businesses to create and maintain competitive advantages. Students with entrepreneurial leadership skills and innovative mindset are sought out by companies large and small, new and established.  Students can choose to be their own boss by starting new businesses that fit their life styles and personal goals, or they can also work in an established business playing important roles in developing innovative business solutions.

Programs Requirements

From Seattle University's 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog.

To earn a Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, students must complete 30 approved credits comprised of two required classes in entrepreneurship, a course in marketing principles, a course in financial principles, and two approved electives. The approved electives are intentionally flexible to provide the student with maximum freedom in selecting the courses that are most consistent with their career interests. This minor is available cross-campus to all undergraduate students.

Core Requirements

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
MGMT 3790 Entrepreneurship Essentials 5
MGMT 4790 Business Plan Development 5
MKTG 3500 Introduction to Marketing 5

Interdisciplinary Financial Requirement:

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
Business Majors  
FINC 3400 Business Finance 5
Non-Business Majors  
ACCT 2300 Principles of Accounting I (Financial) 5

Choose two courses from the following options:

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
BLAW 3700 Business & International Law 5
IS 3150 Introduction to Information Systems 5
IS 4620 Internet Marketing 5
FINC 3400 Business Finance (if nonbusiness major) 5
FINC 3404 Investments 5
MGMT 4850 Management of Change 5
MGMT 3910, 4910 Special Topics 5
MKTG 3520 Marketing Communications 5
MKTG 4560 International Marketing 5
OPER 3600 Operations and Supply Chain Management 5
OPER 4660 Project Management 5
Total Credits Required for the Minor 30


Electives may also be taken from other departments on campus if the content of the course is deemed to be sufficient in entrepreneurial and innovative content to justify it as an elective, given the student's major and career interests. Acceptability of electives will be determined by the Lawrence K. Johnson Chair in Entrepreneurship and approved by the Management Department Chair.