Business Administration

From Seattle University's 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog.

To earn a minor in business administration, students must complete a set of six business courses beyond the non-business prerequisite courses in mathematics. One of the mathematics courses and one of the economics courses could fulfill university core requirements. 

Business Courses:Credits
Choose one course from the following options:   5
ECON 2110 Principles of Economics- Micro  
ECON 2130 Principles of Economics - Macro  
BCOM 2800 Business Communication 5
ACCT 2300 Principles of Accounting I (Financial) 5
Choose three courses from the following options: 15
MKTG 3500 Introduction to Marketing  
MGMT 3000 Principles of Management  
BLAW 3700 Business and International Law  
INBU 3200 Global Environment of Business  
FINC 3400 Business Finance*  
OPER 3600 Operations and Supply Change Management*  
Electives 3000 - 4000-level business or economics*  

Please note:

  1. Courses used toward a minor in business administration are subject to the same grade minimums as those in a business administration major.
  2. Students applying for the minor are required to take at least 20 credits in business from Seattle University.
  3. Students pursuing a BABA degree, or a BSCS with business specialization, may not minor in business administration. See policy for minors in the bulletin.
  4. Classes marked with an * require additional course prerequisites beyond those required in the minor.