International Development Internship Program

From Seattle University's 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog.
All undergraduate courses are 5 credits, unless otherwise noted.
Syllabi information is for reference only; information may not be current.

INIP 4000 (3 credits)

Academic preparation for understanding the complexities of international development.

This is a preparatory seminar that takes place during the fall quarter. This course provides an introduction to the concepts of international development, social justice, globalization, international economics, social analysis and the political and economic characteristics of developing countries. Each student undertakes a specific study of the country in which he/she will be an intern.

INIP 4010 (15 credits)

Internship with an international non-governmental organization (NGO) in a developing country in either Africa, Asia or Latin America.

INIP 4010 begins in the winter quarter and consists of an internship for ten weeks with a NGO in a developing country. The internship is designed to provide a student with an immersion experience of working in the actual environment of international development. Students are expected to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their prior courses to this internship.

INIP 4020 (2 credits)

Academic reflection on the internship through completion of an advocacy project in relation to a student’s internship experience. Additionally, a student must write a social analysis paper that allows a student to integrate their academic preparation and personal and professional experiences.

This is a seminar that occurs in the spring with a focus on a student's international internship experience. Seminar topics consist of re-entry issues, telling one's story, NGO project presentations and social justice advocacy.