Altitude Beverages

Altitude Beverages Canned CBD-infused Colombian Coffee

Altitude Beverages’ first product is called the Everything Latte, a canned nitro cold brew comprising direct trade Colombian coffee, hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol), oat milk, and adaptogens like cordyceps and reishi. The brand operates out of Bend, Oregon and is led by founder Thomas Angel, International Business and Economics ’13.

How it all started and the business problem that was being addressed

‘Growing up in a Colombian family, coffee was always an integral part of my life. Our pantry was always full of coffee brought back from trips to Colombia and every imaginable coffee flavored candy, cookie, and arequipe (Colombian milk caramel).

This was only further reinforced when I met my wife, Laura, who was born and raised in Colombia. More importantly, she was raised by a mother from the primary coffee growing area of Colombia so coffee is even more revered in her family than mine!A can of Altitude Beverages' Everything Latte

While our heritage has influenced our respect for coffee, the true inspiration for using a coffee latte as the launch product for Altitude came from a specific pain point we noticed in the functional ingredient space.

While functional ingredients like hemp derived cbd, chaga, reishi, turmeric, and cinnamon are growing in popularity due to their potential to support a healthier lifestyle, the majority of the products are powders and tinctures.

Many consumers, including Laura and I, struggle to stay consistent with these ingredients because a) we don't normally take powders and tinctures and b) the majority of said powders and tinctures are cumbersome and earthy in flavor. We, like many functional ingredient users, decided to add these powders to our morning coffee. Thus the inspiration for Altitude was born: a routine based functional beverage that actually tastes good, is accessible, and doesn't cost a fortune to drink daily.’ 

The vision for Altitude Beverages

‘We believe healthy beverages don't have to taste like, well ... healthy beverages. We also believe said beverages should fit into your existing routine. This is why we have the Everything Latte as our flagship product. Sixty-four per cent of US adults drink at least one cup of coffee per day.  At Altitude we believe you don't need to change your routine to live healthier, you just need to elevate your routine.’

How the indie coffee brand is growing

‘We launched the Everything Latte in mid-June of this year, focusing only on the Bend market. In the roughly four months since then, we've been able to grow to around 120 accounts in Oregon, Washington, and California.

We are in discussions with distributors to expand our presence on the West Coast and have also recently started a partnership with a distributor to start getting our product on shelves in Chicago, New York, Miami, and Dallas.’

What’s next for Altitude Beverages: Sunrise to sundown

‘We will be launching a coconut chai and a pandan matcha version of our Everything Latte in December to complete our first product line, the Sunrise Vibes line. 

In keeping with our routine-based beverage approach, we will also be launching a line of sparkling white tea, alcohol-alternative drinks in January 2022. These beverages, as part of the Sunset Vibes line, will have a functional blend of adaptogens to give consumers the desired feeling from alcohol without any actual alcohol. There will be three flavors to start with: Blue Hawaiian (pineapple and curacao), Mountain Mule (spicy ginger and lime), and a Paloma (pink grapefruit and basil).’

The Everything Latte is currently available at Altitude Beverages' online store. The indie brand is a participant in the 2021-22 Jones Progress Awards organized by the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center.

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