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First-generation student Fabio Peña describes his journey to an Albers MBA and the work his consultancy does to build community and opportunity among other first-gens.

An MBA Not Just for the Job You Want, But the Life You Want

It used to be that an MBA was for climbing the corporate ladder. It still can be, but if the last few years of extraordinary change have shown us, an MBA can be so much more.

Work is dramatically different from what it once was. It’s raised many questions about what we truly want from it, things we once thought were beyond reach. Things like empowerment. Choice. Purpose.

An Albers MBA allows you to prioritize what YOU value most. Whether that’s spending more time with those you love, taking the plunge to start your own business, or exploring career opportunities that were once impossibilities, an Albers MBA gives you a wider, richer landscape to pursue your dream.

It may have taken a pandemic to realize that life and work don’t have to be at cross-purposes. Join others who are defining the lives they want, not just the jobs they want, with an Albers MBA.

Why This Part-Time MBA is Right for You 

Designed with the working professional in mind, Albers' Professional MBA (PMBA) has distinct advantages for anyone looking to pursue their MBA:

Personalized, fast, and affordable

Small class sizes mean you're never just a number. With the Albers part-time MBA, you get individual attention and support throughout your entire stay.

Quick: Earn your MBA in as little as 2.5 years. Students who choose to do their MBA full-time can finish in as little as a year and a half.

More affordable: At $51K, Albers' PMBA is nearly half the cost of a big Washington state university's evening MBA program.

Designed by you

Customize your MBA according to your interests and career goals. Traditional MBA programs are 85% core classes and 15% elective. Albers' PMBA is almost half electives, giving you more freedom to tailor your MBA. 

While other universities offer up to three electives, we offer eight. You can even bundle five electives into a certificate.

Designed for the real world

Albers' MBA faculty are a mix of senior academics and experienced executives. So you get a healthy balance of theory and practice in your education.

And unlike most MBA programs that are discipline-focused, we believe in a curriculum that's centered on solving business problems. You'll get a 360 degree view of how issues impact an entire business, across functions and departments, which is key to building strategic insights and leadership skills.

Dedicated placement center, enviable location, and so much more

There are many other benefits in considering MBA evening classes at Albers.

The school is located in the heart of the city, Capitol Hill, walking distance to downtown where Seattle's biggest and best known companies are headquartered. 

Albers’ part-time MBA connects you with networks and resources to help you excel in the next step of your career. Among them is a dedicated placement center that offers the acclaimed 32-year-old Albers Mentor Program, professional development workshops, resume writing guidance, and more.

See the makeup of our current class of students, the learning objectives for the program, and where our PMBA students have gone to work after graduation on the class profile page.

PMBA Class Profile  


Classes meet once a week in the evenings on a part- or full-time schedule


We emphasize service, diversity, social justice, ethics, and sustainability 


Maximize your investment and minimize your cost


Our Part-Time MBA program uses an innovative teaching approach that integrates skills and concepts into an experiential learning environment. You not only learn valuable business skills, but are challenged to incorporate them in real world situations. Developed with input from business leaders and students, the Albers Part-Time MBA curriculum is flexible, streamlined, customized, integrated, and connected.

Which MBA Is Right For You?

Albers’ Part-Time MBA program is offered on a rolling enrollment schedule. This means that you can start taking classes any quarter. Although the core modules begin twice each year (during fall and spring quarters), you may take elective part-time MBA courses or prerequisites in your first quarter if you choose to start the program in winter or summer. Electives are offered every quarter, providing you with the flexibility to balance school, your career, and your personal life. Classes are taught in the evenings, with each class meeting one evening per week.

Albers was a perfect choice for my MBA journey! The carefully crafted curriculum, cohort structure for Core courses, and career development services provides flexibility as well as discipline for a well-rounded development of every student.

Swati Jain, '19, PMBA


Albers is dedicated to outcomes that help you succeed. Beyond offering the flexibility that allows you to balance work and school, you graduate this program with the ability to: 

  • Understand, integrate, and apply substantive knowledge in a global context.
  • Identify opportunities and problems, generate alternatives, and justify recommendations.
  • Recognize and address moral and ethical challenges and defend a course of action.
  • Communicate effectively across audiences and modes.
  • Access new levels of self-awareness, demonstrate effective interpersonal skills, and identify your own vocational purpose.


Seattle University offers Part-time MBA students the opportunity to earn two graduate degrees in less time that it would take to complete each degree separately. These degree programs may be taken in conjunction with the Professional MBA:

  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • Master of Science in Finance
  • Juris Doctorate

Visit our Dual Degrees page for more information.

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