An MBA is the most recognized graduate degree in business, and the sport and entertainment industry is looking for people who understand foundational business principles as well as the multiple ways sport and entertainment is a unique business. Our MBA in Sport and Entertainment Management provides you with both.

An MBA in sport and entertainment management is also the most versatile degree. Long gone are the days of being able to predict a career path. Our program prepares you for key roles in sport and entertainment organizations, but no matter where you go or what you do, the business acumen and leadership skills you learn will give you a competitive edge.

I’ve heard that making connections and networking are key in getting sports jobs. How does this sport and entertainment management program help with those connections?

Building your professional network is seamless in our sport and entertainment management program. Because we have formal partnerships with Seattle sport and entertainment organizations, you are not only introduced to but also do real work with many sport industry professionals who are committed to your success.

The highlight of the program is our exclusive Fellowship Program organized in collaboration with our partners, some of the biggest names in Seattle's sport and entertainment industry. During your second year, you have the opportunity to be immersed in the day-to-day of a sport or entertainment organization, where supervisors are committed to helping you learn and grow -- not just do work for them. They expect that you will apply the classroom learning to your work, and that you will bring your work experiences back into the classroom.

Our partnerships also mean that you will develop even deeper connections as many courses integrate sport industry professionals into projects and activities in addition to being guest speakers. You will participate in the Mentor Program your first year during which you will meet five to six times to learn how to navigate your career and gain insights that help you determine your next steps after graduation.

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What makes this sport and entertainment management program unique?

Our commitment to progressive professionalism

The reimagined MBA in Sport and Entertainment Management degree builds on our University’s commitment to professional formation and career preparation. In alignment with our University’s mission for inclusivity, we work in partnership with Seattle’s professional franchises and robust entertainment organizations to provide our students with a range of experiential learning and professional formation opportunities.

We have an expansive curriculum taught by both full-time faculty and part-time industry experts, including some of the most accomplished executives in our region. Our students receive sport and entertainment-specific advising and mentorship from leaders in the field.  

What makes this sport and entertainment management program unique?





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