Degree Requirements


From Seattle University's 2018-2019 Graduate Catalog
All required and elective courses are 3 credits, unless indicated otherwise. Courses taken to satisfy prerequisites do not count for any credits toward graduation.

81 credits to completion

I. Prerequisites

Students with previous comparable course work with a B- (2.70) or better have the option of waiving these courses.

II. Co-Requisites

  • Professional Writing*
  • Fundamentals of Accounting**
  • Microeconomics**
  • Managerial Finance**
  • Introduction to Marketing**

*Writing requirement may be satisfied with a 25% or higher on the GMAT verbal and writing section.

**Course work covered in MBA Core, or to be satisfied before BUAN 5260. Accounting required before MBA 5220.

III. Required Core

a. Business Administration

21 credits, including:

Behavioral core

(10 credits)

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
MBA 5205 Teams, Creativity, & Decision Making 4
MBA 5210 Building Stakeholder Relationships 3
MBA 5215 Strategy & Innovation 3

Analytical core

(9 credits)

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
MBA 5220  Identifying & Accessing Markets 3
MBA 5225 Delivering Growth 3
MBA 5230 Managing Risk 3

Professional Development Core

(2 credits)

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
MBA 5235 Professional and Interpersonal Communications 1
MBA 5240 Business Career Planning and Development 1

a. Business Analytics

(30 credits)

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
BUAN 5210 Communicating and Visualizing Data 3
BUAN 5260 Mathematical Models for Decision Making 3
BUAN 5281 Law for Business Analytics 1
BUAN 5310 Statistical Learning for Business 3
ECON 5100 Statistical Applications and Quantitative Methods 3
ECON 5300 Applied Econometrics 3
IS 5201 Programming for Business Analytics 3
IS 5305 Data Management in Business 3
IS 5315 Big Data Analytics 3
MGMT 5200 Strategy Analysis (see Section IV) 3
SEGR 5800 Ethics and Professional Issues in Computing 2

IV. MBA Capstone

(3 credits)
Choose one from the following three courses:

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
MBA 5500* Competitive Strategy 3
INBU 5315 International Policy and Strategy
MGMT 5340 Business Consulting

Note:*If MBA 5500 chosen for Capstone, may substitute an MSBA Elective for MBA Core Requirement MGMT 5200.

V. MSBA Capstone

(6 credits)

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
BUAN 5510 Capstone Project in Business Analytics 6

VI. Required Electives

(21 credits)

International Electives 3
MBA General Electives 9
MSBA General Electives 9