Career Development

Seattle University alumni often say that the best way to find their dream job is to network as much as possible. Albers hosts a variety of networking events where students have an opportunity to meet professionals in the accounting industry and connect outside of the classroom. Seattle University students can meet professionals through career fairs or networking events hosted by Seattle University clubs. The following are some examples of the many networking events offered through Seattle University

  • Business and Engineering Career Fair
  • Accounting Career Fair
  • Accounting Networking Dinner
  • Professional Etiquette Dinner
  • Waterhouse Leadership Training
  • Spring Banquet
  • And more...

Accounting Mentor Program

Seattle University hosts a special mentorship program tailored especially for accounting students with professionals from public accounting firms and private companies. In the mentorship program, students are paired with professionals to meet on a monthly basis to talk about career advice, internship opportunities and personal development in their careers. Those who participate in the mentorship program often find themselves continuing a relationship with their mentors after graduation.

Albers Mentor Fair

Career Counseling

The award-winning Albers Placement Center at Seattle University works one-on-one with students to prepare them for the job market. The Placement Center offers a variety of services such as mock interviews, resume reviews, business advice and more. Seattle University students can take advantage of the Placement Center as often as they like and can even continue to use the Placement Center even after they graduate. More information about the Placement Center can be found here.