Academic Development

Unique Courses at Seattle University

The MPAC program at Seattle University is designed to provide students with as much flexibility as possible to explore their own interests within the field of Accounting. In addition to the core curriculum, students have the ability to choose elective classes to personalize their accounting education to fit their career and academic goals.

There are many classes at Seattle University that are not offered anywhere else in the Northwest. The accounting program at Albers is designed to be flexible and to cater to your interest. The accounting program at Seattle University features unique courses such as Fraud/Forensic accounting, Internal Audit and Not-For-Profit Accounting. For a complete list of electives you can take, click here.

Customize Your Education with Certificates

MPAC students at Seattle University can add certifications to their degree in areas of specialty such as internal audit and business analytics. Certificates earned at Seattle University demonstrate competency to employers and will help differentiate students from other Accounting graduates. Our internal audit program in particular has recently been awarded with the Institute of Internal Auditor's designation as a "Center of Excellence". The more popular certifications that we recommend are our Internal Audit and Business Analytics certification. Our Internal Audit program  For a complete list of certifications, click here.

Engagement with Faculty and Staff

At Seattle University, the average class size is 19 students per professor with a student to faculty ratio of 1:13. Unlike larger universities, every classroom session is taught by faculty so it is much easier for students to find opportunities for one on one discussions with their professors. Students at Seattle University are able to develop personal relationships with professors which can lead to valuable career advice, research opportunities and lifelong mentorship.

Study Abroad

There are chances for even graduate students to fit a "study abroad" program into their curriculum. Graduate students have the opportunity to travel to Europe, South America and Asia while also earning credits towards their degree. Study abroad opportunities can be used to demonstrate to employers the capability of being able to work in a global economy. Read about current Seattle University students' experience with studying abroad here.

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