Phil Willenbrock

Philip J Willenbrock, Ed.D

Job Title: Director of Athletics
Company: Highline Public Schools
Industry: Public Education Administration
Mentor Since: 2018
Will Mentor: Graduate Students

Job Description

Oversight and Leadership of Large Public School District Athletics Program

Company Description

Highline Public Schools Highline Public Schools is a public school system in the State of Washington, headquartered in Burien. It serves 17,331 students and has 997 teachers. 

Employment History

College Football Coach - 20 Years
Secondary Education Administration - 8 Years/ Second Year in this role


  • Doctorate in Educational Leadership (EdD) Seattle University, 2009.
  • Master of Arts - San Francisco State University, 1992   
  • Bachelor of Arts - Gettysburg College, 1990  

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

To have a greater understanding of ethical and transformational leadership in the educational setting

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

Mornings at site compatible with schedules