Class of 2020

Photo of Sonam Phuntsok

Sonam Phuntsok

Major: Psychology
 Manali, India.
Favorite Sport:
 Tennis, Soccer 

"I chose MSBL because of the small cohort, great support from staff and because of the location (Seattle). It is an awesome program!"

Photo of Carol Cunningham

Carol Cunningham

Major: Marketing and Management
 Lexington, KY.
Favorite Sport:

"I chose MSBL because I wanted to further my job experience and pair that with education specific to my field."


Photo of Zoe Pakes

Zoe Pakes

Major: Kinesiology / Sports Management
 Lake Havasu City, AZ.
Favorite Sport:

"I chose MSBL because I love Seattle and the abundance of sport opportunities"


Photo of Jason Borcherding

Jason Borcherding

Major: Business Management
Hometown: Chicago
Favorite Sport: Hockey

"I chose MSBL because I decided I want to chase my dream of working within the sports arena. Personal experience leads me to believe this is the market that will make me happy. MSBL programming is the perfect resource for gaining knowledge and networking to start me down that path." 


Photo of Hannah Greider

Hannah Greider

Major: Psychology
 Shoreline, WA.
Favorite Sport:
 Soccer/ Cross Country/ Track & Field

"I chose MSBL because I love the program size, professors, location, the sustainability focus, scope (collegiate & professional) and I want to work in sports!"

Photo of Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones

Major: Finance
Hometown: Austin, TX.
Favorite Sport: Basketball

"I was lucky enough to receive a GA position with the Men's Basketball team which was the reason I decided to attend Seattle University."

Photo of Elliot North

Elliot North

Major: Business (Sport Management focus)
 Healdsburg, CA.
Favorite Sport: Baseball

"I chose MSBL at Seattle University because of the ethos of the university, the program, the location, and the family legacy".

Photo of Erin Saunderson

Erin Saunderson

Major: Kinesiology
Hometown: Redmond, WA. 
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

"I chose MSBL because of the professions the alumni were involved in".

Photo of Zach Taylor

Zach Taylor

Major: Kinesiology
 Federal Way, WA.
Favorite Sport:

"I chose MSBL because of the connections the alumni have from the program and other professional aspects"


Photo of Chris Zollinger

Chris Zollinger

Major: English Literature
Hometown: Charlotte NC.
Favorite Sport: Soccer

"I chose MSBL because I felt it gave me the best opportunity to pursue my dream of working in pro-soccer/soccer media." 

Photo of Samantha Sunseri

Samantha Sunseri

Major: English
 San Jose, CA.
Favorite Sport:

"I chose MSBL because I was attracted to the idea of a small cohort, and more intimate experience than my time as an undergraduate."

Photo of Luke Altemus

Luke Altemus

Major: Business Management
 Tucson, AZ.
Favorite Sport:

"SU game the opportunity to live out my dream to be a GA with a Division I Men's Basketball team. MSBL gave me the best opportunity to combine my interest and passion for basketball and sport with my interest in business."

Photo of Chris Nicoll

Chris Nicoll

Major: Sport Management
 Seattle, WA.
Favorite Sport: 

"MSBL was recommended to me"


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