Class of 2019

Photo of Colton Kaiser

Colton Kaiser

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Favorite Sport: UFC

"I was offered a Graduate Assistant position here and it was a great opportunity to gain experience as a strength coach at a Division-I school".


Photo of Isabella Geronimo

Isabella Geronimo

Hometown: San Mateo, CA.
Favorite Sport: Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Football

"I was previously an undergrad student at Seattle University and knew I wanted to come back to Seattle. I have known I wanted to work in sports for a while and I believe this program will give me the tools to succeed in the sports world and the ability to network with sports professionals across all sectors."

Photo of Tosh Semlacher

Tosh Semlacher

Hometown: Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Favorite Sport: 

"The program is the best place for me to work full time while also continuing my education and gaining experience in the field"

Photo of Jenna Sanders

Jenna Sanders

Hometown: Redmond, WA
Favorite Sport: Cross-Country

"The reputation in the industry, as well as the social justice awareness in the curriculum and the University as a whole, are the reasons why I chose this program." 

Photo of Marika Yaplee

Marika Yaplee

Major: Sport & Exercise Science | Seattle University
Seattle, Washington
Favorite Sport: Basketball, Football, Softball, and Baseball

"I completed my undergraduate degree at Seattle University and gained experience by working in multiple functions of the athletics department. The support and experience gained solidified my yearning to work in sports and my decision to continue my studies at Seattle U."

Photo of Juan P. Murillo

Juan P. Murillo

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Favorite Sport: 

"I chose the program because Seattle U is a great University in the heart of a great city."

Photo of Sarah Kramer

Sarah Kramer

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Favorite Sport: Soccer

"I chose the program because I wanted to advance my career as an Athletic Trainer and wanted to experience a totally new area. Seattle seemed like a great city to start fresh, and this masters program would give me a unique experience and diversify my knowledge in the sports setting."

Photo of Andrew Urich

Andrew Urich

Hometown: Seattle, WA.
Favorite Sport: Football

"Seattle U has great connections to local sports and allowed me to move back to my hometown. I hope to get into the team management aspect of professional football and one day be the general manager of the Seahawks".


Photo of Riley McKean

Riley McKean

Hometown: Belfair, WA
Favorite Sport: Baseball

"I chose Seattle University because it has a fantastic program and I love being in Seattle."

Photo of Brandon Christopher

Brandon Christopher

Hometown: San Jose, CA.
Favorite Sport: 
Gridiron Football

"I chose the program at Seattle U because the staff and courses promote the same ideals about sports and equality that I hold closely."


Photo of Dylan Kartchner

Dylan Kartchner

Hometown: New York, NY
Favorite Sport: Whatever is in season 

"I chose the program because of the approach taken by the faculty and their commitment to help students develop, and the opportunity to be a Graduate Assistant in the Athletic Department."

Photo of Blake Cleveringa

Blake Cleveringa

Hometown: Lehi, UT
Favorite Sport: Basketball

"The program offers an opportunity to study the relational, theoretical and organizational aspects of sport. I have always had a passion for sports. With family in the area, and a love for the city of Seattle, this was a clear choice."


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Program Coordinator

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