Class of 2018

Photo of Connor Savage

Connor Savage

Major: Business and Mathematics | University of Puget Sound
Hometown: Bothell, WA
Favorite Sport: Baseball/Football

"I chose MSAL because I have always been extremely passionate about sports. After I had the opportunity to play Professional Baseball, I realized I wanted to work a job I really had the chance enjoy. I did some research and determined that Seattle University’s MSAL program was the best opportunity to educate myself so that I could find a job I love in sports."

Photo of Andrew Schultz

Andrew Schultz

Major: Athletic Training | University of Wisconsin–Madison
Hometown: Appleton, WI.
Favorite Sport: College Football

"I choose SeattleU’s MSAL program in order to gain a professional education and real-world experience within an outstanding Division I intercollegiate athletics department. The MSAL program allows me to pair my experience as a graduate assistant with the classroom education necessary to be successful at such a level."

Photo of Xiaolong Yu

Xiaolong Yu

Major: Sports and Training | Beijing Sports University 
Hometown: Qingdao, China. 
Favorite sport: Soccer.

"I chose MSAL because this program provides me the valuable knowledge that will help me find a promising career in the sports industry." 


Photo of Andrea Calles Smith

Andrea Calles Smith

Major: Communication - Public Relations | University of Maryland
Background: Promotions, Public Relations, and Marketing
Hometown: Quito, Ecuador
Favorite Sport: Volleyball

"I chose MSAL because it is a program that believes in teaching the whole person."

Photo of Santiago Gallo Villamizar

Santiago Gallo Villamizar

Major: Industrial Engineering | Universidad de los Andes in Colombia
            Master in Strategic Management | Universidad of la Sabana in Colombia.
Hometown: Bogota, Colombia
Favorite Sport: Soccer

"I chose the MSAL program because it was the 19th best program in the SportBusiness magazine ranking when I was doing my research. At the same time, it was interesting how the philosophy and the goals of the program were aligned with mine which at the end I think is going to help me become a better professional and a better person. The sustainability part of the program was essential in my decision, since I am a big advocate of sustainability."

Photo of Achint Sharma

Achint Sharma

Hometown: New Delhi, India
Favorite Sport:

"During my research about various Sports management programs, MSAL program stood out because of its excellent curriculum and unique Sustainability certificate. Being one of the best cities, when it comes to sports culture within USA, Seattle provided an excellent option for me to call it home away from home."

Photo of Allison Hugunin

Allison Hugunin

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
Favorite Sport: Women’s Soccer

"I chose MSAL because I was looking for a program in a city that had both WNBA and NWSL teams, Seattle U's program is more sociologically influenced than most of the other programs I researched and I liked that aspect."

Photo of Dana Goularte

Dana Goularte

Degree: Business, and minor in Sports Management | Western Oregon University
Hometown: Port Orchard, WA
Favorite Sport:

"I chose the MSAL program because of the opportunities and networks it provides through current students and alumni. It had a variety of different opportunities for me to get professional experience while pursuing my degree."


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