Program Details

The Master's in Sport Business Leadership (MSBL) program is designed to cultivate critical, creative and integrative thinking through our focus on sport business analytics and leadership development. 

Our Approach

  • Foster deep learning through a modified cohort model where students take courses together for the first year but have the option to personalize their program of study their second year
  • Participate in small group projects to hone collaboration and effective time management skills
  • Apply theory to real-world problems
  • Develop the capacity to see and understand sport organization realities through multiple lenses
  • Improve abilities to communicate complex ideas, engage in authentic relationships, and write clearly 

Our Aims

The distinctive curriculum aims to develop sport business acumen in concert with highly desired leadership skills. Deep learning in these areas sets apart the MSBL program from other master's in sport management programs. Skills and attributes each aspect of the MSBL program aims to develop:


Financing facility improvements and/or front office operations  Ability to determine and articulate a strategic direction 
Determining the best companies to partner with  Effective communication across multiple contexts and platforms 
Ensuring ROI is high for sustainability initiatives  Ability to think through complex problems 
Creating the most effective brand messaging  Greater self-awareness  
Assessing why fans buy team paraphernalia   Capacity for authentic relationships 
Creating streamlined processes  Ability to attend to interpersonal relationships 

Our System of Learning

Our sports management degree curriculum forms the foundation of learning. Work experiences through internships or graduate assistantships with SU Athletics or SU Recreation make the learning real. Our sport industry relationships through the MSBL Advisory Board, our partnerships with Seattle sports teams, the Mentor Program, and our alumni provide a network of support.


Maylon Hanold


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Rose Kaser

Program Coordinator

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Victoria Olive

Graduate Admissions

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