JD/MSBL Joint Degree

Students who want to pursue the JD/MSBL Joint degree must apply to both Sport Business Leadership (MSBL) in Albers School of Business and Economics and Seattle University’s Law School. Please visit SU’s Law School Admissions.

Participants in the JD/MSBL Joint Degree Program must spend their first year in the School of Law. Once the student has completed the required first year courses in the School of Law, he or she may then take courses in both the JD and MSBL programs.

Because the School of Law operates on a semester system and the rest of the university operates on a quarter system, joint program participants must carefully coordinate their schedules with the Associate Dean for Students in the School of Law and the Director of the MSBL in Albers School of Business and Economics.

The length of time required to complete the joint degree program is between 3 and 4 years for full-time students. Students in the joint program are required to complete 90 semester credits for the JD degree and 48 quarter credits for the MSBL degree.

In the joint degree program, students can satisfy the requirements for each degree by using a specified number of crossover credits to be chosen from a list of approved courses in each school. This allows the student, whether full-time or part-time, to complete the two degrees in a shorter period of time than if the student sought to obtain the JD and MSBL degrees independently.

Of the 90 semester credits required for the JD degree, 10 semester credits can be satisfied by 15 quarter credits chosen from a list of specified courses from the MSBL program (listed below).

Of the 48 quarter credits required for the MSBL degree, a student enrolled in the joint degree program may satisfy up to 12 of the quarter credits with 8 semester credits earned in the law school from a list of approved courses (listed below).

Joint degree students will be required to take Sports Law in the School of Law. One quarter credit is the equivalent of .67 semester credits. So, for example, a 3 quarter credit crossover MSBL course could be used to satisfy 2 semester credits for the JD degree.

The following courses can be used to satisfy credit towards the Juris Doctorate and Master of Sports Business Leadership degrees. Not all courses are offered each quarter, semester, or year, and some courses may require particular sequencing or have prerequisites. Crossover credit will not be granted for courses that are substantially similar to courses already taken in the other school.


  • Administrative Law (ADMN-300)
  • Antitrust Law (ANTI-300)
  • Business Entities (BUSN-300)
  • Copyright Law (INTP-320)
  • Dispute Resolution (ALDR-300)
  • Drafting Legal Documents (WRIT-325)
  • Employment Discrimination (EMPL-315)
  • Employment Law (EMPL-300)
  • Intellectual Property (INTP-300)
  • Intellectual Property Licensing Lab (INTP-301)
  • Intellectual Property Licensing Law (INTP-310)
  • Labor Law Private Section (EMPL-305)
  • Products Liability (TORT-300)
  • Sports Law (SPRT-310) (required in lieu of SADL 5040)
  • Trademark Administration Lab (INTP-316)
  • Trademark Law (INTP-315)


  • Financing Sport Organizations (SBLR-5050)
  • Strategic Marketing for Sport Organizations (SBLR 5060)
  • Brand Communication Strategies and Analytics for Sport Organizations (SBLR 5070)
  • Sport Operations and Event Management (SBLR 5080)
  • Developing Leadership in Sport (SBLR 5120)
  • Sport Consumer Behavior (SBLR 5140)
  • Sport Organizations - A Systems Perspective (SBLR 5150)
  • Sport Promotions and Sponsorship (SBLR 5160)


Maylon Hanold


(206) 296-2231


Rose Kaser

Program Coordinator

(206) 398-4610


Victoria Olive

Graduate Admissions

(206) 296-2217


Master of Sports Leadership and Administration