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MSBL Class of 2020 Capstone Presenters

MSBL Alumni (fmr MSAL)

MSBL students are diverse. They come into the program with a wide variety of experiences, career goals, and undergraduate majors. Our leading-edge program not only provides applicable content, but also develops lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and problem solvers. These skills and abilities open up a plethora of jobs across sectors: professional sports, college athletics, K-12 education and athletics, non-profit sport organizations, and for-profit businesses (both sport and non-sport).

Our alumni are successful entrepreneurs, collegiate athletic administrators, sales and marketing professionals, game operations managers, ticket sales director, youth sport development directors, client services experts, program managers and more!

The MSBL (fmr MSAL) network of professional friends and colleagues grows every year!

MSBL Alumni (fmr MSAL)


Maylon Hanold


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Rose Kaser

Program Coordinator

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Victoria Olive

Graduate Admissions

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