A Career in Sport!


Alex graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon and had gained substantial experience in the sports industry before joining the program. As a graduate student, he worked as the graduate assistant for the SU Athletics' marketing and promotions team with basketball, soccer, and baseball programs. He implemented on-campus marketing activities as well as planned in-game marketing strategies. 

“Doing this was a great way to get involved in the campus in many different ways. I was able to directly tie what we were talking about in class into different aspects of a job.”

After graduation, Alex began working for the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games as the volunteer coordinator. He was in charge of the recruitment, scheduling, and training of over 15,000 volunteers for the July 2018 Games in Seattle. Alex also is Lake Washington High School’s wide receiver coach, he believes that the program was an integral part of transitioning from graduate school to working full time. 

“I would say that all that we had going on as graduate students can sometimes feel like a whirlwind, it honestly helps you prepare for the real world.”

Alex’s advice for anyone in the program or looking to join would be to take every opportunity available. He believes Seattle U created an amazing network and countless connections that led him to where he is today.  

“Take every opportunity. Without a doubt I would say that it’s important to use the time in the program to take every opportunity that is presented to you”


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