JD/MBA (Juris Doctor / Master of Business Administration)

Dual Degree Program Requirements

From Seattle University's 2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

The Seattle University Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration dual degree program is designed to allow students to complete both degrees in less time than if the two degrees were obtained independently outside the program. Certain courses taken at the School of Law count toward the MBA degree and certain courses taken in the Albers School of Business and Economics count toward the JD degree. This dual degree program is available to both full- and part-time students.

MBA Degree

Full-time graduate business students ordinarily complete the Master of Business Administration degree in a minimum of two years. Among other requirements, applicants to the MBA program must have a current resume that reflects continuous full-time work experience in business. In addition to prerequisites, MBA students must complete 54 quarter credits of course work in designated areas, including 9 required courses and 10 elective courses. See specific MBA course requirements in the Graduate Catalog.

JD Degree

Full-time law students ordinarily complete the JD degree in three years; part-time students may take four years or longer. Students must complete a total of 90 semester credits of course work. In the full-time program, students complete 30 credits of required course work in their first year. In their second and third years, law students must complete 15 credits of required course work and 45 elective credits. For specific JD course requirements see the School of Law Curriculum.

JD/MBA Dual Degree Program

Full-time students can complete the JD/MBA dual degree program in a minimum of four years, which is one year less than would be required to complete the two degrees independently. Time to completion will be longer if the student is part-time and/or if the student must complete business prerequisites for the MBA degree. Students in the JD/MBA program must complete the equivalent of 90 semester credits for the JD degree and the equivalent of 54 quarter credits for the MBA degree. Students can satisfy the requirements for each degree by using a specified number of crossover credits chosen from a list of approved courses in each school. Of the 90 semester credits required for the JD degree, 12 semester credits can be satisfied by 18 quarter credits chosen from a list of specified graduate business degree courses. Of the 54 quarter credits required for the MBA degree, 12 quarter credits can be satisfied by 8 semester credits chosen from a list of specified JD degree courses. Students must, however, complete all of the required courses for each degree.

*The American Bar Association, one of the accrediting agencies for law schools, requires that the JD degree be completed within a maximum of seven years.

**One quarter credit is the equivalent of .67 semester credits. A 3 quarter credit crossover business course could, for example, be used to satisfy 2 semester credits for the JD degree.

***One semester credit is the equivalent of 1.5 quarter credits. A 4 semester credit crossover law course could, for example, be used to satisfy 6 quarter credits for the graduate business degree.