Introductory Business Calculus & Statistics

Completing this online course satisfies both the statistics and calculus prerequisite requirement for the Albers School of Business and Economics PMBA Program at Seattle University. This non-credit course is open to graduate, undergraduate, non-matriculated students, and the public.

Course Description 

This combined course provides students with basic quantitative skills in math and statistics that are necessary and foundational for the Analytical Core of our Professional MBA program. The course includes foundations of linear and polynomial functions, exponential functions, time-value-money calculations, marginal change, basic statistical measures, basic probability, and normal distribution.

Course Objectives

Upon your successful completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Solve a variety of equations algebraically and interpret the results in real-world contexts
  • Solve basic time value money problems both with formulas and with Excel/Spreadsheets
  • Find and evaluate simple marginal functions and interpret their meaning in real-world contexts.
  • Compute, describe, and explain measures of spread and measures of central tendency
  • Identify and describe the different kinds of variables used in basic statistics
  • Compute basic and probabilities using summary data, data in tables, or with the General Probability Formula
  • Compute probabilities on the normal distribution curve using the empirical rule, tables, and Excel/technology.

Professor Morales was prompt to reply to questions, and answered inquiries in a way that spurred my thinking instead of providing the answer for me. I've never been an outstanding Math student, but with hard work and his support was able to pass both courses with a 4.0. I've benefited enormously from his courses and style of teaching.

Andrew Cardillo Sr. Communications Specialist, PACCAR