Meet the Cohort

RWL 2015 Cohort

"Leadership is a process/movement of influencing a vision of positive collective change by empowering and inspiring others."

-The 2014-2015 Leadership Formation Certificate Cohort

The Graduate Leadership Formation Certificate offers each cohort member a special opportunity to explore leadership issues, develop and hone leadership skills, and practice leadership behaviors in the year long program. The program includes a leadership challenge which challenges MBA students to explore, process, demonstrate, and assimilate aspects of leadership theory and behavior. 

Meet the 2015 Cohort

Maria Bauermeister joined the Leadership Formation Certificate to learn leadership skills that would enable her to be a more effective leader. She is particularly interested in the role of self-reflection in leadership development. Maria attended Alaska Pacific University where she earned her degree in Business and Management. She is currently a full time student at Seattle University.

Leadership done well can make a tremendous difference for everyone involved.  Jon Greer wants to lead well.  He earned his undergraduate degree from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.  He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Studio Art and a minor in Economics.  He trained for the US National and Olympic rowing teams, was VP of a manufacturing firm in California, helped grow a startup into a healthy business and feels awkward posing for photos and holding a smile for an extended period of time.  He’s grateful for the many opportunities he’s had and looks forward to many more.

Angelina Kalinovich decided to pursue the Leadership Formation Certificate with the goal to develop an effective management style that inspires and empowers other team members, while utilizing her personal strengths. Angelina believes that leadership’s objective is to make others look golden, as their weaknesses become irrelevant, and she believes the program has taught her actionable ways of doing so. Angelina is also a Seattle University alumni, she received her bachelor degree in International Studies and Spanish with the Diversity, Citizenship, and Social Justice Specialization. Angelina returned to SU after working in nonprofit and logistics fields.

Megan Pahl joined the Leadership Formation Certificate program to better understand and further expand her leadership style through the deep exploration of relevant academia and hand-on experiences. Megan intends to integrate these leadership skills to her nonprofit work, with the goal of one day leading a team to advance youth development and education. She holds an undergraduate degree in English and communication from the College of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Lauren Rochholz enrolled in the Leadership Formation Certificate with the goal to become an authentic leader, effective manager, and interested follower. She is particularly interested in applying organizational leader development and decision-making theory to higher education. Lauren attended Gonzaga University where she earned her degree in Economics and Religious Studies while racing cross country and track. She obtained her Master's in Sport Administration and Leadership from Seattle University in 2012 and currently works in institutional planning for the university.  

Ross Wilson joined the leadership certificate to develop his practical and theoretical understanding of what it takes to be an authentic, effective leader in a climate where leadership is needed.  Ross’ career interests are to lead multicultural teams using the three Red-Winged Leadership components being leadership, business acumen and positive social impact.  Ross is an international student from South Africa who did his undergraduate bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology and these roots, as well as six years working for a large third party logistics company as a business analyst, drive his passion to succeed at Seattle University and further on in his career in some of Seattle’s large technology firms.