Graduate Leadership Formation Specialization

What is the GLFS?

GLFS stands for the Graduate Leadership Formation Specialization. In 2010, the GLFS students were presented with a “leadership challenge” as part of their coursework and from that challenge, they created what is now known as the Red Winged Leadership Award. Since 2010, each subsequent cohort of GLFS students have successfully built upon and expanded further this tradition of finding and recognizing inspiring leaders.

Each year, the GLFS program features a leadership challenge which is an opportunity for members of the cohort to take an in-depth look at leadership in the Seattle community through the Red Winged Leadership Award. 

Why GLFS is for you!

  • It is a greenhouse to foster/cultivate leadership skills.
  • Enables you to want to become a better a leader, involved more in the community, and build and expand your professional network.
  • Platform for understanding senior leaders that can carry out a mission and vision.
  • It applies academic leanings in a real world business environment.
  • Owning a piece of the Red Winged Leadership tradition.
  • Learn about what a real team is and how you can be a part of leading teams in your life to success.

GLFS Cohort Reflections

In these videos, the 2012 cohort reflect on the Graduate Leadership Formation Specialization, and reflect on a number of questions including:

What is the GLFS? What did we learn about Leadership?What were the biggest challenges? How has GLFS impacted our lives and careers?