Red Winged Leadership

Available to MBA students, the purpose of the Leadership Formation program is to offer them a special opportunity to explore leadership issues, develop and hone leadership skills, and practice leadership behaviors.

Program Description 

An Albers School of Business and Economics Leadership Formation Specialization will be granted to students upon successful completion of 12 quarter credits of program requirements. The program will be limited to 24 students per year.

Red Winged Leadership Award


Eligibility Requirements and Application 

To receive a specialization in Leadership Formation, students must complete 12 quarter credits of program requirements. Participating students must also satisfy community service requirements, and successfully lead a project involving other students. Students must complete an application process. The program is limited to 24 students per year.

 Eligible candidates will be of good standing in the Albers School in the MBA or MIB programs. Selection criteria will include a written statement of interest as well as a resume demonstrating a portfolio of service and leadership achievements.  Application.


Total of 12 elective credits

A. Coursework

Participants in the program will take a minimum of 2 courses (6 quarter credits) from the following list of electives:

B. Leadership Formation Seminar (MGMT 5305 and MGMT 5310)

Students will take part in a two-course (6 quarter credits), three quarter seminar specially designed and directed for their cohort. Students register for MGMT 5305 in the fall and MGMT 5310 in the spring, but the seminar and ongoing project span over fall, winter, and spring and include a significant leadership challenge whereby students explore, process, demonstrate, and assimilate aspects of leadership theory and behavior in the context of social justice. Participants will engage in reflection and discussion, assess leadership role models, and complete a year-long practicum experience involving leadership skills such as setting direction, vision generation, persuasion, empowerment, and influence.

Practicum modules will include

  • Leadership Styles: Learning from effective leadership approaches, including contemporary styles and a social justice framework for leadership
  • Leading Teams: Creating and composing high performance work teams, establishing and sustaining a motivating context, owning team meetings
  • Setting Direction: Creating a compelling vision, leading strategically, engaging stakeholders, developing decision-making abilities and approaches
  • Confident Communication: Establishing practical and effective skills in speaking and writing, artful use of persuasion and influence
  • People Skills: Cultivating outstanding skills in leading with dignity, understanding people, and maximizing the strength found in difference

What can you expect to gain from the program?

  • To develop tangible skills and knowledge from the Leadership discipline not offered in other courses.
  • To access, leverage, and learn from the Albers School’s network of business professionals.
  • To engage in a significant and meaningful leadership experience that can grow you internally and differentiate you externally.
  • To leave with a more holistic picture of what it can mean for you to be a graduate of Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics.

 Please consult with  graduate programs advisors for more information.  Upon acceptance to the program, complete the "Addition of Another Major, Degree, or Specialization" form (available from PIGT 318 or the Office of the Registrar website) and return the form to PIGT 318.