Degree Requirements

The program is designed as a 12 month, full-time cohort program requiring the completion of 48 credits including 14 three-credit courses and a six-credit capstone course.

I. Preparatory Work

Once you have been accepted into the program, you will complete any needed preparatory work via Harvard Online courses. Our acceptance timeline leaves plenty of time to complete these online courses, and the Bridge program subsidizes them so that you are able to complete them free of charge. The courses are: 1) financial accounting, 2) spreadsheet analysis (excel) and 3) statistics. These online courses may be waived by previous course work in these topics, which is evaluated by our admission staff. In the acceptance letter we will specify which ones you need to take. Completing them is a condition of beginning fall classes. Please contact with questions.

II. Required Courses

Fall Quarter
Theme: Language of BusinessCredits
BRMB 5200 Business Economics 3
BRMB 5205 Accounting for Business   3
BRMB 5210 Project Management 3
BRMB 5215 Organizational Behavior 3
Total Credits 12


  • One week orientation includes:
    • Teaming
    • Placement Center
    • Foundation in MGMT (simulation)
    • Mini-Case Study
  • Business Communications Seminar
  • Service learning project
Winter Quarter
Theme: Analytical ProcessCredits
BRMB 5220 Information Systems in the Digital World 3
BRMB 5225 Financial Management 3
BRMB 5230 Marketing Strategy 3
BRMB 5250 Business Ethics 3
Total Credits 12


  • Consulting projects in Marketing Strategy
  • Business Plan development across classes
  • Business Communications Seminar
Spring Quarter
Theme: Decision-MakingCredits
BRMB 5235 Operations & Supply Chain Management 3
BRMB 5240 Modeling for Business Decisions   3
BRMB 5245 Legal Aspects of Business 3
BRMB 5265 Collaborative Problem Solving, Negotiation, & Conflict Resolution 3
Total Credits 12


  • Internship/Business Plan Competition
  • Business Communications Seminar
Summer Quarter
Theme: IntegrationCredits
BRMB 5255 Business Practicum 3
BRMB 5260 Creativity and Innovation 3
BRMB 5270 Business Strategy-Capstone Course 6
Total Credits 12


  • Consulting Project
  • Business Communications Seminar

III. Supplemental Activities

Students are required to complete an approved minimum of extracurricular activities which include participation in the following:

  • Albers Mentor Program
  • Executive Speaker Series
  • Albers Placement Center Workshops: Resumes, Interviewing, Networking, LinkedIn