Bridge MBA Class Profile

An artist sketching an oversized signWhat does a typical Bridge MBA student look like?

The Bridge MBA program is a full-time MBA designed especially for non-business undergrads who are recent graduates with limited work experience. This is reflected in the relative youth of the 2022-23 cohort -- the average age is 24 -- and the average work experience of a little over a year. Three out of the 33 majored in computer science for their undergraduate studies. The rest come from diverse educational backgrounds including economics, public health, and advertising.

Average GPA

Graduation cap showing average GPA of a 2022 Bridge MBA student is 3.3

Years work experience

Chart showing 2022 Bridge MBA students years of work experience with 16 just graduated, nine with 1-2 years of work, and 8 with 3-4 years of work experience

Where they're from

 Infographic showing Bridge MBA student origins with 4 international and 29 domestic students


Age range

Chart showing 2022 Bridge MBA age range

Gender distribution

Infographic showing Bridge MBA gender distribution with 58% female and 42% male

Number of athletes: Six

The 2022 Bridge MBA cohort has six athletes playing varied sports such as basketball, soccer, and golf.

Undergraduate Majors

Psychology Psychology and Health & Human Science (Kinesiology) Industrial Engineering Humanities Computer Science Community Psychology & Media Philosophy Comparative History of Ideas and Prenursing Economics and Geography Communication Disorders Screen Arts and Cultures Information Technology Bio-Medical Engineering Food & Nutrition Sciences Visual Communications and Psychology General Studies: Ma

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