Bridge MBA Class Profile

Bridge MBA class profile

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One Year MBA for Non-Business Majors

Designed for you, a recent graduate with a non-business undergraduate degree and limited work experience, this MBA is a one year, full-time program that incorporates classroom and experiential learning activities. Learn your business skills through course work and co-curricular activities based on a different theme each quarter, i.e., Language of Business, Analytical Process, Decision-Making, and Integration. Master the broad-based critical thinking skills and business knowledge that employers are seeking in new employees.

Learning Goals

On successful completion of this program, you will be able to:

Understand, integrate, and apply substantive knowledge in a global context.

Identify opportunities and problems, generate alternatives, and justify recommendations.

Recognize and address moral and ethical challenges, and defend a course of action.

Communicate effectively across audiences and modes.

Develop self-awareness, demonstrate effective interpersonal skills, and identify one's vocational purpose.

Post-Bridge MBA Job Titles

Amazon Marketing Manager
Microsoft Program Manager
Boeing Procurement Agent
Microsoft Sr. Business Analyst
Faira Head of Operations