In Their Own Words...

The Bridge MBA Class of 2017

The Seattle U Bridge MBA has been a great way to further my education and develop a foundation in business. This program has made an enriched impact in conjunction with my degree in Communication Studies and the course work has given me the knowledge and skills I was yearning to develop.

Caroline Engs

The most important thing I have learned is every person brings a different skill to a team. So with group projects a great starting point is to see what people are passionate about and give them roles that utilize that skill. This makes for better projects and happier teammates!

Samantha Garrard

The Bridge MBA helped me build networks in the U.S. As an international student with a non-business degree, I don't really have connections to get me around the business realm. With the required networking events, I am provided with connections to easily navigate around this field.

Janika Faye Le Penia

The Bridge MBA program fits my needs. I learned a lot of new things about business. I am now a different person than I was nine months ago as I am now more confident and ready to fully transition myself into the business world. The program has given me many experiences that I have never been exposed to. Chances to work on the project with real companies, plenty of networking events, case studies, and many more that have helped me to learn a lot. It’s fun and exciting!

Mint Patamon Wonnaparhown

The bridge program has allowed me to have a smooth transition from a science background to the business world. It has given me the basic skills and knowledge needed to confidently enter the industry.

Rolenn Himuro