Degree Requirements

Seattle University's Leadership Executive MBA broadens leaders' perspectives through multidisciplinary and multi-industry exposure, as well as from coursework, reflection, rigorous application, and dedicated one-on-one executive coaching.

I. Executive Leadership, First & Second Quarters (Fall-Winter)

20 credits:

  • Building Vision for a Global Commons
  • Creating High Impact Teams
  • Leading Responsible Organizations  
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Leadership Assessment and Coaching
  • Leadership for a Just and Humane World 
  • Leadership Synthesis and Discernment

II. Instruments for Organizational Effectiveness, Third Quarter (Spring)

10 credits:

  • Strategic Analysis of Domestic and International Economic Environments
  • Financial Accounting for Business Executives
  • Managerial Accounting for Business Executives
  • Statistical Modeling for Executives
  • The Art of Influence and Negotiation

III. Strategic Positioning for Global Success, Fourth Quarter (Fall)

10 credits:

  • Microeconomic Concepts: Strategic Decision-making Tools and Frameworks
  • Financial Tools for Strategic Decisions
  • Strategic Marketing  
  • Global Strategy Formation    

IV. Enhancing Business Unit Performance, Fifth Quarter (Winter)

10 credits:

  • Global Financial Management
  • Information Systems: The Role of Executives 
  • Strategy Implementation 
  • Leading Change

V. Leading for Impact and Legacy, Sixth Quarter (Spring)

10 credits:

  • Enterprise Legal Issues
  • Planning for Significant Legacy
  • Integrating Leadership and Business Practice

For detailed course descriptions, please see our graduate catalog.

For the quarterly class schedule, please see our Curriculum Flow Chart.



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